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  Utilities for Windows NT
Last Updated June 24th, 2004

You can find some tools on this page, which I wrote for different purpose. All of them are related to Windows NT/2K.

  Hardlink ShellExtension Have you ever wanted to create hardlinks as it was possible with Unix, but not from the commandline but from the Explorer simply by right clicking an item? Take a look a the HardlinkShellExtension for WinNT/2K

  ln command line hardlinks Hardlinks can be created by ln.exe from resource kit, but this tool can do more. It does hardlinks recursivley and resolves UNC names. See ln - command line hardlinks
  dupemerge command line utility Most harddisks contain quite a lot of completely identical files, which consume a lot of disk space. This waste of space can be drastically reduced by using the NTFS filesystem hardlinks functionality, if identical files aka dupes are hardlinked together.. See dupemerge - command line