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  Last Updated May 29th, 2005

This is Gerhild's and Hermann's site, which gives various information both of them. It furthermore gives a small overview of the house, they are living in, and contains information on what they are both are interested in.,
  May 29th 2005 The dupemerge command line utility has been loaded up.
  December 10th 2004 The ln command line utility has been loaded up.
  October 28th 2001 The Hardlink Shell Extension has been improved to support junctions on NTFS5 from W2K. This means that now direcotries even can be hardlinked.
  October 12th 2001 Uploaded a very useful Windows NT/2K Shell Extension, which is capable of comfortably creating hardlinks on NTFS volumes. Take a look at the HardlinkShellExt page.